Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wait and see in Carolina. Except for insurers

In North Carolina, home and property insurance companies have decided that the risk of a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane striking the state is high enough that higher rates are justified. (Here's Hurricane Alex off the Outer Banks in August 2004 from the Weather Radars page.)
But government planners from FEMA and within the state are still sifting the evidence before taking any action that would help defend the state from exceptional hurricane damage. From the News Observer:

The state's long-range emergency planning doesn't take into account future changes in hurricane activity because the link remains uncertain. Neither do the state's largest utilities, Progress Energy and Duke Energy, which react to individual storms.

"It's a great area to debate," said Ed Jenkins, manager of the planning branch for the state Division of Emergency Management. "I'm not convinced that we need to start battening down the hatches and start preparing for something that the scientific community is still debating."

Thanks to the Intersection for the link.

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