Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Funk, Chinese and New Orleans style

The funk in China is everywhere - the air, the water, the ground - and efforts to curtail its increase must compete with the profit motive. The profit motive seems to be winning, hands-down. But how long can this go on? From a story in the NY Times.

But just as the speed and scale of China’s rise as an economic power have no clear parallel in history, so its pollution problem has shattered all precedents.

The funk in New Orleans is in the mood. The city has, for all practical purposes, been abandoned. Most former residents don't plan to return. Those who have moved back and are trying to rebuild find themselves living in ghost towns. Story from the Washington Post.

Today, nearly two years after the storm, 11 of 14 properties on the block stand vacant, and in interviews, all but one of those who left indicated they have no intention of returning. Far from rising from the devastation of Katrina, this slice of St. Bernard Parish remains a desolate and depressing place.

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