Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The insurers are assessing

As they say on the Climate and Insurance Web site,

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has created this website as a resource for industry professionals to learn more about climate change and its possible implications for the property/casualty industry.

The site does not take a position on the scientific controversy of the causes (including whether global warming is to blame) for the increase in natural disasters around the world.
The site posts news releases and stories that come more from the policy and scientific side, rather than reports of actual disasters and obliquely related information as Climate Frog (also) presents. In the developed world - where "insurance" is something you buy - the information provided by ClimateAndInsurance is relevant. Not so much in places like Bangladesh and Sudan.

But like Climate Frog, ClimateAndInsurance hopes to learn by watching the news trends.

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