Monday, August 13, 2007

Flood defense news

I just learned from this Associated Press story (reported on the Forbes site) that much of Guyana's coast region is 6-feet below sea level. It's that fact that has prompted Guyana's government to ask Japan for help in building defenses against sea level rise and storm surge.

Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud said the government is meeting with a team of Japanese officials this week and plans to ask for $100 million in aid.

Persaud said Guyana wants to strengthen the network of sea walls, canals, floodgates and reservoirs that protect its coast, which in many places is 6 feet below sea level and could become more vulnerable if ocean levels rise because of global climate change.

In Australia, a new company has formed to address the threat of flooding. Flooding Solutions Advisory Group describes itself like this:

Our consulting activities include detailed reporting of risk assessment options for the most suitable flood protection solutions for each project, based on a wide range of systems developed by our group, or associated with our group. This service includes site specific planning of selected flood mitigation strategies that may include a particular system type and its installation.
One of its early products is called the DutchDam Emergency Flood Barrier.

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