Wednesday, September 19, 2007

From record heat to record early snow?

Southern California - swimmin' pools, movie stars.....and some mighty weird weather.

Two weeks ago they were baking in the midst of triple-digit temperatures as drought conditions pushed the water managers to the brink of imposing restrictions. Now, the National Weather Service is predicting the possibility of snow in mid-September.

"This system will be almost unprecedented in terms of cold weather and snow levels for September in southwestern California," the NWS said.

"Many locations may well set record low maximum temperatures on Friday, with temperatures more typical of January rather than September," forecasters said.

Here in the San Francisco suburbs, we've had a day of cooling temperatures and steady winds that forced the Alameda/San Francisco ferry to curtail service. Feels like autumn back East.

So much for simplifying your wardrobe to fit the warming climate.

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