Thursday, September 20, 2007

An architect's approach to adaptation

Architect Edward Mazria of Santa Fe, New Mexico changed the direction of his very successful career in 2002 to focus his skills, experience and perspective on slowing global warming and motivating people to take action. He founded Architecture 2030 because "seventy-six percent of all electricity generated by US power plants goes to supply the Building Sector."

His web site provides an architect's view of priorities for changing the construction industry and for retrofitting buildings. It also provides ideas and guidance on a regional basis for low-carbon impact design and building.

But what really got my attention were the animated Google maps of sea level rise, which are the most accurate (in terms of the currency and sophistication of their data sources) that I've seen. Maps are provided, with varying amounts of sea level rise, for 31 coastal cities in the U.S. They really get your attention. That's Foster City, California, above, under a simulated 1.25-meter sea level rise from the San Francisco Bay. I'd expect the lowland flats of my home county of Marin to look much the same.

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