Monday, July 23, 2007

England Cries "Uncle" to Worst Floods in 60 Years

The relentless rains have continued across the island nation, flooding great cities across its western half and convincing new Prime Minister Gordon Brown to take some defensive action.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited Gloucester -- and promised to mobilize resources from across the country. He also announced increased funding for flood and coastal defenses across the country.

"Like every advanced industrialized country, we are coming to terms with the issues surrounding climate change," he said.

Flooding - from England to Pakistan to Texas, from Bangladesh to China - seems to be this season's message to us from the climate. And the loss of life and property is only the immediate damage as they're seeing in Great Britain.
The wet weather for much of June of July across England and Wales has also affected crops. Farmers are predicting low yields and higher prices -- with several crops due to be harvested in the next month.

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