Monday, July 16, 2007

Australia's Wildlife Corridor

The land down under is in the 10th year of drought. In light of the warnings of scientists that the country is experiencing accelerated global warming, state and federal authorities have agreed to establish a 1,740-mile, north-south climate "spine" to allow free passage of wildlife to more habitable climate areas. Reported by Reuters and published in Planet Ark, this is an example of government authorities taking action based on emerging evidence.

The corridor, under discussion since the 1990s as the argument in support of climate change strengthened, will link national parks, state forests and government land. It will help preserve scores of endangered species.

"We are talking a very long-term vision, a land use that values keeping the eastern forests in place over past uses like landclearing," said Graeme Worboys from the IUCN, the world conservation union.

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