Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How warm does it have to get.....

...before the frog jumps out of the pot? The urban legend has long been disproved that the frog will stay in the gradually warming water until he's been boiled to death. We can now recognize our pot-bound frog with the canary in the coal mine. The frog will make a life-saving move before catastrophe strikes. The frog pre-acts to rising temperature. But how long before? And what kind of move?What this blog is all about is pre-action, noting every instance I can find of humans changing their lifestyles, locations and local infrastructure deliberately as a defense against - or reaction to - impacts of climate change.

The Climate Frog blog is not so concerned with slowing down or preventing climate change. I'm part of the growing segment of humans who assume that conditions in the atmosphere will guarantee us many decades of unsettled weather. I believe what the IPCC scientists project as a future of novel climates and disappearing climates marked by extremes that local populations "ain't never seen in these parts."

As glaciers recede at unprecedented rates on Greenland, the Antarctic and all of the world's snowbound mountains, what will stimulate people to spend what might seem to be speculative money on huge public works? A miles-long dike to protect Santa Barbara? Billions spent on jacking up buildings and moving houses?

What will persuade people that they need to relocate to escape deadly heat, drought, chronic mudslides?

When will whole cultures change their lifestyles completely because the climate that defined them no longer exists anywhere on the planet? What will the Inuit do? The Laplanders?

I'm starting with the simplest of blogs because I can't wait until I've got the time to design the whole enchilada. Things may be a bit slow here in the beginning - nothing spectacular going on so far. But unfortunately, I'm sure that business will pick up soon enough.

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